Guernsey Employment Trust supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for, find and maintain work in Guernsey.

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide disabled and neurodiverse individuals an opportunity for inclusion and a chance to contribute to society through meaningful work.  This not only improves lives but also positively impacts families and communities, fostering a sense of belonging, self-worth and empowerment while challenging societal norms and injustices.

Our vision

Our vision is for all disabled people who have the desire to work to be given an opportunity in which to thrive.

Our mission

Our mission is to change the way employers define and view disability by connecting people to roles that match their talent. We are committed to supporting disabled and neurodiverse individuals in preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment. Additionally, we work closely with employers, offering advice and guidance in recruitment and job retention.

Our values

Collaboration: We actively encourage all stakeholders, including job seekers, employers, agencies and staff, to work together cohesively.

Growth: We continuously strive to improve services, stay updated with best practice and develop innovative approaches to better support our clients and employers.

Respect: We respect difference, endeavouring to treat everyone with dignity and fairness, fostering an inclusive and empowering work environment.

Community: We foster understanding and acceptance in the community. Enhancing social inclusion with meaningful employment opportunities.










Every donation counts

We are always grateful for anything that our supporters feel they can afford. Each donation allows us to make more exciting plans for the futures of all our service users.

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